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Private Mortgage Banker | NMLS 374639

If you’re looking for a mortgage lender who truly cares about his clients and knows the real estate industry inside & out, you’ve come to the right place!


First time buyer or transitioning into a family dream home? No matter where you are in the home buying process, I can help you get where you want to go.

With over 23 years of experience in the real estate industry, I can easily tell you how much house you can afford and if there are special mortgage programs you qualify for.

As a Mortgage Advisor, I’m passionate about helping you find the right mortgage solution for your unique situation. I’m proud of every single 5-star recommendation,… because each one means that I’ve helped people purchase their forever homes with ease.

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I’m very proud to work for a reputable lender like U.S Bank, and am happy to be a part of the remarkable team there. However, the real reason you should choose me as your partner for this epic adventure is that I’ve probably been where you are at least once in my own life.

You can trust me to do what’s right for you and your family because as a husband and father of two teenage sons and a 2 year old daughter, I deeply understand how important it is to find that perfect space to call your own.

Let me help you find your forever home today, and take that first step in understanding your full purchasing potential.

Contact Me or text anytime to (949) 981-0805.

Finding the right financing options for you.

The Home Buyer

If you’re in the market for a home purchase, you should know that choosing a lender is almost as important as choosing a home. With my team at Loan Depot, we can make the home loan process less intimidating by guiding you through the journey every step of the way. We cover all your available loan options, down payments requirements, etc., and are always available for questions.

Communication is the most important factor when purchasing a home, and realk talk; we make that our top priority. We excel at communicating with our clients throughout each phase, and offer the most competitive rates and payment options.

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Refinancing Your Home

If you’re looking at possible options to lower your current monthly mortgage payment, thinking to take cash out to do home improvements or pay for college, we have very aggressive rates and programs to fit your needs.

My team and I are also very experienced with self-employed borrowers, which for many Loan Officers can be a challenge due to lack of experience and knowledge.

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I’m here to listen to what’s important to you.

My team and I will go above and beyond what is expected to meet your financial goals
and needs to ensure a smooth process for everyone. If you’re happy, we’re happy.

Fixed-rate Loans

Adjustable-Rate Loans (ARMs)FHA Loans

FHA Loans

VA Loans

Investment property loans

and lot loans

What Loan is Best for You?

We won’t know until we have a strategy session in person or over the phone to discuss your current and future financial position. The media has given the impression that 30 year fixed rate loans are the best loans for all consumers, but that’s an outdated generalization.

Let us show you that this process doesn’t have to be scary! We would love the opportunity to earn your business, and help find a solution custom tailored for you.

Please call 949.981.0805 for more information.

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What my clients say?

I’ve been working with John Farrell for years. He’s one of the best loan officers in the business. I’ve referred several clients to him and they all sing his praises. He is honest with excellent communication skills always keeping clients informed. As a straight shooter, I know that I can refer my clients to him knowing that he will take the utmost care to ensure their best interests are being met.

Bradley Feldman

Executive Manager of Sales - Douglas Elliman Real Estate

John is an exceptional top tier lender in that he thinks multiple layers deep with an expanded breadth of knowledge while your average lender only thinks on the surface. As a result, John is able to connect his buyers with a better product, he gets his loans closed faster and he avoids any issues. His strategic thinking and experience has saved transactions for my clients in the middle of buying their dream home that other lenders could not hold together. Within the industry and amongst his peers he has a long standing stellar reputation that others aspire for.

Tracey Fullenkamp

First Team Estates Laguna Niguel

John has the response time of literally milliseconds. You don’t press send on an email and you’ve already have a thoughtful response and solution. As a realtor, I always need to get information’s to my clients quickly. John not only gets my clients the information, but beats the rates of most lenders.

Annie Clougherty

Realtor Compass Newport Beach

Stop your mortgage lender shopping now. John is great! Professional, prompt, transparent and honest. My sister referred me to him and glad she did. He makes buying a house easy. Will recommend him to future home buyers

Jennifer Nawaz

John, Lily, and his team were extremely professional, hard-working, and thorough! Whenever I needed help, both John and Lily were willing to take time to make an effort to explain things to me. Lily was great in that she let us know exactly what we needed to provide, worked late hours, and was great at following up. The whole home buying process was a lot to manage, but with John and his team, it never felt overwhelming! John and his team really do care and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a home loan!

Joseph Choe

Let’s Compare Notes...

Farrell Clan The Big 4 banks Online Brokers and Lenders

Online mortgage friendly process


Commited to a 25 day escrow


Not constantly harassing you for more documentation


Competitive rate that won’t change later in the process


Will find you a solution, even if it’s outside our normal offerings


Mort important! Unparalleled communication and availability


Updates throughout the process (We believe in transparency. Not leaving you in the dark)


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Let us help you purchase that epic dream home you’ve been dreaming of today!